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Teacher Grant Program

District Support

The PLCS Foundation Teacher Grant program is designed to encourage unique and innovative ideas that will improve the educational process and enhance the learning experience of students in the district. Grant applications may be submitted online all year long with due dates: September 23, 2022 and February 24, 2023.  Grant notifications are made the following month. Funds for approved grants are available for 12 months.

Goals of the PLCS Foundation Teacher Grant program include:
• Increasing student learning in areas related to the grant
• Building connections with families and the community
• Improving student academic performance and social behavior
• Inspiring innovation in teaching and learning
• Developing a collaborative teacher learning community
• Serving as a pilot for possible District-wide implementation

Priorities will be given to grant applications which:
• Collaborate across school boundaries.
• Collaborate between teams of two or more teachers to support innovative projects.
• Incorporate matching funds or community resources
• Demonstrate potential widespread application.
• Are research based to show effective results
• Are not currently eligible for support through the school’s budget

Projects considered low priority include:
• Teacher training
• Consumable supplies
• Registration Fees
• Transportation
• Rental Fees
• Replicated Projects
• Field Trips

Projects that will not be funded include:
• Food
• Babysitters
• Staff Salaries
• Textbooks
• Regular Classroom Materials
• Programs of Limited Benefit